Planning your iPhone Application? Here’s what Android can do that the iPhone can’t.

Today and into the future, the Digital Marketing practice invariably includes application development. In terms of Mobile, your product marketing Roadmap likely includes an iPhone application, right? If you’re developing for the iPhone, you’ve also got to think about Android (Google’s OS), and Symbian (Nokia’s OS) as well.

Here’s a great 5-minute video walk through of how Android compares to the iPhone experience. Don’t let the “for developers” label scare you. It’s a great look at the customer experience on the T-Mobile G1. A few cool features include bar code scanning (hello location based coupon-ing!) and how the touch screen and keypad work together. Although you don’t have the multi-touch features which is a big loss, I love how the pull down screens make it easy to switch between applications like email and maps.

A 5 Minute Walkthrough of Android For iPhone Developers

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