Affiliate Marketing: A Powerful Way of Driving Traffic And Revenue

I’m honored to be speaking at nextMEDIA about Affiliate Marketing on Tuesday November 18th, in the CiRCA ballroom at 2:40 PM. I’ll be presenting strategies and tactics designed to get the most out of Affiliate Marketing programs.

Although mostly ignored in Canada by big advertisers, in the context of the economic downturn, Affiliate Marketing will come into its own and thrive by offering a lower-cost way of finding customers in tough times.

To explain, Affiliate Marketing is an innovative sales channel that trades online traffic and conversion for a commission on sales. It’s a critical part of the eCommerce ecosystem, and, you could say, the digital enablement of the word of mouth economy. In other words, something is for sale online, you recommend it, someone buys it, the merchant makes a sale, you make a commission.

In the US and the UK, advertisers (or merchants) are spending 10 to 15% of their online marketing budget on affiliate marketing and payouts to affiliates range from $250,000 to $500,000+ monthly. Sounds easy but it’s not. Only the top affiliates make a substantial amount of money.

Download the presentation on SlideShare. Please also see the nextMEDIA schedule for other interesting sessions.


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  2. Maria says:

    Hello Marina,

    Thanks! Great information and it explained. Yes you can earn a lot with Affiliate Marketing 😀

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  5. Forrest Pap says:

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