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The Social Media conversation is powered by Web 2.0 which is now effectively more popular than porn, it’s clear it’s not a fad.

Social Media is a fundamental shift in the way we communicate. Brands that understand the importance of an intimate conversation with their customers stand to benefit with runaway growth.

Online communities are important and it’s even more important that brands engage with their customers in the way their customers want to engage with them. is part of the Twitter ecosystem and is currently tracking businesses on Twitter. Twibs indexes the 4, 500 + business (and growing) on Twitter who are engaging in a conversation with their customers.

The discussions that customers have about a brand are of critical importance and it is in those conversations that a brand is elevated or tarnished. These ideas run contrary to traditional lifestyle marketing. Mike Trap of Scaleable Intimacy suggests the power of the dialogue demonstrates that brands are not composed of the people who buy their product, but that people are composed of the brands they use.

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