What’s The iPhone Opportunity For Your Business?

With consumer confidence down, consumer spending down, why bother spending money developing Marketing applications for the iPhone/iTouch?

Well, ongoing research is demonstrating that brands that ignor iPhone application strategy for their products are, and will be,  leaving money on the table. In market research terms, iPhone users have now become their own “segment”.

Not only is the device a ‘game changer’ changing the way human beings percieve content, the iPhone is now its own marketplace. The App Store, controlled by Apple enables anyone to either distribute their own iPhone application for free, or collect fees for each download. Whilst Apple takes 30% of the sales revenues, the 70% revenue to the developer is appealing and previously unheard of in the mobile applications business.

If it’s time for your company to start thinking about your mobile application strategy, check this out. The Amazing iPhone is a free report developed by Kinsey Netmedia, a UK social media and mobile consultancy. It’s full of useful insight for iPhone developers and business owners. Most of the info is obvious for those living in the iPhone and mobile world for some time. Get it here.

“The reports starts off with an overview of the iPhone and the opportunities available on the App Store. A lot of it will be apparent to anyone who’s been in the iPhone world for a while, but it could make a great report to pass on to your bosses, clients, investors, or other people who need to get up to speed fast. It also goes into how mobile development was before the iPhone and contrasts it to the newer techniques.” As reviewed by TechCrunch

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