13 Mobile Apps that Work: Augmenting The Business Model By Innovating Utility

On June 7th, 2009, I presented “Mobile Apps that Work”  at nextMedia in Banff. Check out the presentation below.

We’ve come a long way in mobile technology since Nokia introduced it’s first mobile phone in 1982. Today, we know every business needs a mobile application but not many marketers know how to make it work for them. Yes, Mobile will opened radical new business opportunities and transform our economy in a way unimaginable in an earlier age, but how? Marketing and technology consultant Marina Mann will demonstrate how companies are successfully leveraging mobile to their advantage and show you how these apps are influencing the mobile supply-chain of carriers, developers, advertisers, publishers and users in today’s mobile economy.

Presented by Marina Mann, Consultant, Digital Marketing, eCommerce & Mobile; in Partnership with nextMEDIA and the Mobile Entertainment Forum.

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