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What Does Social Media Mean To Your Business?

Radian6 CEO Marcel Lebrun talks about the social medium. Highlights include: You can’t control Social Media, but you can have access to your customers directly in a real time conversation. The days of marketers pushing out their message is over. Now your brand is the sum of conversations about it. As a brand you can […]

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What’s The iPhone Opportunity For Your Business?

With consumer confidence down, consumer spending down, why bother spending money developing Marketing applications for the iPhone/iTouch? Well, ongoing research is demonstrating that brands that ignor iPhone application strategy for their products are, and will be,  leaving money on the table. In market research terms, iPhone users have now become their own “segment”. Not only […]

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Affiliate Marketing: A Powerful Way of Driving Traffic And Revenue

Affiliate Marketing talk by Marina Mann View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: ecommerce affiliate) I’m honored to be speaking at nextMEDIA about Affiliate Marketing on Tuesday November 18th, in the CiRCA ballroom at 2:40 PM. I’ll be presenting strategies and tactics designed to get the most out of Affiliate Marketing programs. Although mostly […]

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According to Chris Anderson, the idea of “feeconomics” is not a new one; making money by giving something away has been going on for some time. Chris Anderson is one of my favorite speakers. I had the exalt and the pain of following Anderson at an Infopresse conference last year. At the time, he was […]

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LinkedIn Answers

Linkedin Answers is a knowledge market service touting “Get a fast and accurate answer to your business question”. As an experiment I decided to give it a try. I recently posted the following simple question in the e-commerce section to tap into the collective intelligence in my LinkedIn network. How do you think a mature […]

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