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A tiny banner ad is attached, with wax, to a fly at the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 2009).

It’s alive! About 200 of the flies, in the 17th day of their 20-day life span, had tiny signs attached to them that read: “Eichborn: Publisher with the Fly” affixed to their legs with wax. (The fly is part of Eichborn’s logo.) The publisher was careful to tell people that the wax dissolved by itself […]

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Google and Yahoo collaborative ad-sharing deal kiboshed by U.S. Department of Justice

“Yahoo, which doesn’t have to pay any termination penalty, now says it’s moving on.” The proposed partnership deal, first announced in June 2008, would have allowed Yahoo to display ads from Google and then take a portion of the revenue.  Google’s current share of the online ad market is estimated to be as high as […]

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Expect Billions of Dollars in Canadian Telemarketing Spend To Move Online

The National Do-Not-Call List goes into effect today! According to the CBC, telemarketing is big business in Canada. In 2006 alone, $4.1 billion was spent on telemarketing in Canada, generating $26.1 billion in sales and creating 155,000 jobs. However, telemarketing is by far the most intrusive marketing in Canada.  As of today, Canadians are now […]

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